Frequently asked questions

Is this Hausa koko ready-made?

Yes. Delight Hausa koko is Ready made. All you need to do is SHAKE, THEN PIERCE LID - MICROWAVE - EAT.

Does it taste Like the Real deal?

Yes! Of course Some even say better!

How do i store it?

Its best to store in a cool dry place.

What is Hausa koko made of?

Delight Hausa koko is made from the finest grain of harvested millet, ginger and authentic african spices and of course, Our special delight koko seceret ingriedent.

Is Hausa Koko healthy?

Of course! Millet is hig in magnesium which helps reduce high blood pressure. also Hausa koko is vegan friendly, gluten free and kind to your waist with only 148 cal.

What is Hausa Koko?

Delight Hausa koko is a millet porridge made by bledning and mixing spices to form a delicouse breakfast. Hausa koko is a very popular West African breakfast that is sold in the morning by street vendors back home in Africa. The name Hausa derives from the Hausa tribe, a tribe which came from the northen part of Ghana. Hausa koko is also known as; Koko Porridge, Spicy millet porridge and simply KOKO

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